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Feel Your Best with Remedial Massage Therapy in Berwick

MyoPhysics Massage is a clinical Sports and Remedial Massage practice located in Berwick, Victoria. We are owned and run by Josie Botes.

MyoPhysics Massage Therapy specialises in Sports and Remedial Massage. Our owner and therapist Josie has been a massage therapist since 2004 and during her time as a massage therapist Josie has travelled all over the world, treating a vast variety of clientele. Josie has a passion for the Sports and Remedial Massage particularly working with Sports teams and within her private practice. Josie is currently involved in treating Sports teams and her major sporting codes that she treats are the Rugby League and Rugby Union teams both Australian and International teams. Josie's private practice is located in Berwick where she passionate about treating individuals and soft tissue dysfunctions; helping to correct postural imbalances, musculoskeletal conditions and general tension and general wear and tear of her patients.

You know you are in safe hands with Josie as she has a lot of experience in the health and fitness industry. Josie is also is affiliated with PhysioFit Berwick and Akoonah Podiatry also for cross referrals within the practice. You can log onto their page by click here: PhysioFit Berwick

MyoPhysics Massage also is registered with Massage and Myotherapy Australia and HICAPS are available to claim through your health insurance. These treatments are only available for Remedial Massage Services.

What is Remedial Massage?

Remedial Massage is the clinical approach to soft tissue therapy dysfunction or damage. Remedial Massage Therapists use clinical assessment to determine which structure or structures might be implicated to devise a treatment plan with the client.

What are the benefits of Remedial Massage?

✓ Reduce muscle tension
✓ Increase circulation
✓ Increase range of motion and flexibility
✓ Improve posture
✓ Preventative for injuries
✓ Improving overall health and wellbeing

What to expect during a Remedial Massage treatment?

The therapist begins by performing a clinical assessment with the client to gain vital information pertaining to the injury or dysfunction. The therapist will ask questions relating to the concern and may perform range of motion testing to determine which structure or structures may be at fault. With this information, they will devise a treatment plan for the client. Remedial massage treatment may involve other techniques than just massaging. This may include:

✓ Mobilising techniques
✓ Muscle energy techniques
✓ Cupping
✓ PNF stretching
✓ Myofascial release
✓ Transverse friction
✓ And more...

I do not suggest that this treatment is a relaxing massage treatment as when working with dysfunction or injuries you may experience some discomfort. I advise to always clearly communicate with your therapist so they know how the structure is feeling to accommodate your comfort.

What to Expect Post treatment

Sometimes following a remedial massage treatment, you may feel a bit sore, tender, lacking in energy or you might be the opposite and feel really great and energetic. It is important to understand that everyone responds to treatment differently and not all treatment outcomes are the same. I advise to always book a follow up session with your therapist and communicate how you felt post treatment.

Remedial massage therapists are not able to diagnose any condition or illness and if needed the therapist may refer you to another specialist such as a Physiotherapist, Osteopath, Chiropractor or doctor. Remedial massage is best for the treatment of soft tissue dysfunction and postural imbalances.

Please feel free to contact Myophysics Massage for any concerns you have or for more information about your concern.

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Our Berwick clinic is conveniently located along High street in Berwick, allowing people from surround suburbs such as Pakenham and Narre Warren to make the most of our services as well. Please feel free to contact MyoPhysics Massage for any concerns you have or for more information about your concern.

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